On November 30, 1981, 157 member states unanimously passed a proposal submitted by Costa Rica to establish "International Year of Peace," which was requested by the International Association of University Presidents in the 36th UN General Assembly. The UN resolution proclaimed the third Tuesday of September (currently fixed as 9/21) as "International Day of Peace," while the 37th UN General Assembly proclaimed 1986 as "International Year of Peace". Such decision by the UN became a turning point in dismantling the Cold War and ceasing the ideological conflicts in the East and West.

World University Peace Service Corps Foundation, which is registered as a non-profit foundation under Not-for-Profit Corporation Law of New York, headquartered in Manhattan, New York of USA. To increase the efficiency of reaching the primary agenda of World Peace Movement supported by International Association of University Presidents(IAUP), World University Peace Service Corps Foundation decided (*86.5.10) to establish a contest to celebrate the announcement of the UN`s "International Year of Peace".

By 2015, twenty-six World University Peace Corps final contests have been held and contributed to promote the world peace under the objectives of "the Peace Movement for the World’s Unification," "One World, Humanity as Brothers and Sisters," "Environment Movement of Humanity to survive on Earth."

According to WUPSC's objectives and purposes, World University Peace Service Corps Foundation, Inc has been made great contribution towards the world peace, services and other relating matters prudently and will carry on the effort in future.